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If Cops Were In AJ

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Dear Bridges I have an amazing video that will make you laugh your but off, remember I do daily videos but if I'm not posting even day in 100% editing videos for you to enjoy for example I'm posting a 3 minute video that I'm still editing and I've been editing it for 2 weeks. If your new! Hi I'm Bridge Bridge but you can say Bridge and I'm and ajpw and aj pc YOUTUBER! Subscribe to me cuz I post videos you don't want to miss and check out my giveaways before they end! I give exceptional content and so do my friends Puffball73 AJ, Mia Riley and so many more! I hope you enjoyed! Love you Bridges xxx ----------Stalk Me?------------- Hangouts: Bridgot AJ Google +: Bridgot AJ Youtube: Bridgot AJ ♧♧♧Shoutouts♧♧♧ Puffball73 AJ Pitbull

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