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Al Tahoe neighborhood, South Lake Tahoe, CA final 2010 real estate update

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check us out at (Number of homes: about 900) Al Tahoe is one of South Lake Tahoe's most desirable neighborhoods. It is also one of the oldest. Among the neighborhood's features is its lakefront location, wide open meadows, stunning Lake Tahoe and high sierra mountain views, sunny public beaches, tall tress and a lakeside park amid an alpine forest setting. With about 900 homes, Al Tahoe always has a variety of attractive housing choices... that spans the range of South Lake Tahoe residential real estate. Here, market entry, mid market and high end properties can be found. There are lake front homes, new remodels, some new construction... and small cabins in original, old Lake Tahoe condition, many of which represent significant updating and value increasing opportunities. Al Tahoe has always experienced high demand and meaningful value increases, particularly up to the market change in the last quarter of 2005. One reason for Al Tahoe demand is its close proximity to the Lake. With its central, in-town location, Al Tahoe is at the center of South Lake Tahoe's vacation shopping, restaurant and dining district. Here, we are minutes away of Lake Tahoe's awesome outdoor alpine winter and summer recreation and year round entertainment attractions. There are many old cabins... and often some of these can be found next to large, newer constructed homes. Al Tahoe is always evolving. The few Al Tahoe lakefront properties are always the highest home values in the neighborhood. Al Tahoe has a wonderful historic district, this is where some of the oldest, most charming cabins are found on the Lake. Many of these have been in the same family for generation after generation. One of Al Tahoe's other attraction wonders is the Upper Truckee Marsh, a stunning wetland reserve that wraps around two sides of Al Tahoe that is within easy walking distance to the entire neighborhood. At the end of the Marsh next to the lake is a secluded beach. Many Al Tahoe homes along the Marsh have it's open expanse, hiking trails, wild, and not so wildlife, and it's inspiring views, as a backyard. And oh yes, from time to time one can see both of Lake Tahoe's paddle wheelers, The MS Dixie II and Tahoe Queen from the beach here. The lowest Al Tahoe sale in the last three years was $144,000, which surprisingly was not a distressed property sale (2943 Oakland). The highest sale was $1,060,000, a large house on the edge of the Upper Truckee Marsh near the secluded beach there (689 Lily). The 2010 Al Tahoe median sold price was $280,000, which is $20,000 or 6.6% lower than that of 2009. The 2008 median sold price, however, was $427,500, or $147,000 or 34.4% higher than it is now. At present half of all Al Tahoe listings are priced under $300,000, which is good news for buyers looking for opportunity in one of South Lake Tahoe's most coveted neighborhoods.

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