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Me pwnen n00bs wit meh snipah. :P *******************************EXTRA***********TAGS*********IGNORE!!************ And We Always host the lobby at nighttime Thats How To Get Into A Modded/Hacked 10th Prestige Lobby On Xbox 360 [Daily] [AfterPatch] [Incuding 10th prestige spinning symbol and all titles and emblems and camos and laser, Aimbot, Wallhack, All Challenges for free and more. . . i have a xenon motherboard jtag [and you can only mod 10th prestige offline with transfer cable] [FYI] [How To Get Into A Legit Modern Warfare 2 10th Prestige Lobby modded hacked, thermal laser, aimbot, wallhack, Camos for secondarys, All Titles And Emblems, And Sometimes Leaderboards, And All Challenges, 10th Prestige Everything lobby For Modern Warfare 2 for free [i Have about every mod there is and i will put on godmode and walking ac130 and other stuff] Put your gt in the comments to get in. make sure you subscribe to that channel and to get in the Mw2/Modern Warfare 2/ Cod 6 /Call of duty 6 modern warefare 2 10th lobby :: Peace :: message me on xbox live to in the modded lobby this is also after the patch so its ***still working*** ::Fyi:: This Is An Everything Lobby Which Means Unlock All, Mods And Hacks That Means You Will Unlock Everything In This Lobby. All You Have To Do Is Subscribe To Get In My free modernwarfare 2 Lobby !! :: Subscribe, Rate, Comment :: Sub to the other channel to get in. FYI i check my subscribers if you dont sub to that channel you dont get in the lobby and i block you. So just subscribe to get in without lying. oh and i now do the modded 10th prestige unlock everthing daily so you all have a chance to get in my lobby. And Yes its my main channel but i dont have any mw2 videos yet i only have gears of war vids. but soon i will have mw2 vids. Oh And Comment your name becuase i write them down on a paper FYI [Tenth Prestige On Modern Warfare 2] Oh And Please Send Me A Friend Request On Both Youtube Accounts so i can either send you updates or when the lobby will go down. so add both youtubes to see when the lobby will happen and be patient IF I GET ANYMORE FRIEND REQUEST YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. SO JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE SAYING "I WANT 10TH PRESTIGE" thats it. dont say anything else and dont bother me i will get everyone in eventually !!! And Yes This Still Works Since The Patch In May this is after the patch. AND REMEMBER I CHECK MY SUBSCRIBERS IF YOU LIE YOU WONT GET IN AND YOULL BE BLOCKED | FYI I HOST 8:00 PM To 11:00 PM CENTRAL TIME. My MW2 10th prestige lobby includes things such as Level 70 on spawn -Modded custom class names -All Challenges/Titles/Emblems/Unlocked spinning 10th Legit stats (looks like you are really 10th prestige) -*NEW* Toggle cartoon mode on/off -*NEW* Toggle between legit leaderboards / insane leaderboards -Sets time played to 20 days -Toggle force host on/off (instructions are displayed about what force host does) -Toggle visions only effects player toggling the visions, not the whole lobby! - On screen instructions -Lots of infections (detailed list below) You Have To Sub To That Youtube To Get In And Dont Send Me A Friend Request On Xbox Or Else i will Block You You Get 200000000000 Exp Per Kill And Just Press Right On The Dpad To Get Level 70 In Modern Warfare 2 and This Is Legit. . .oh And You Will get all the Infections with my latest patch i hope you enjoy when you get in Peace. I WILL GET TO YOU SOONER OR LATER JUST LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW WHAT U GET IN THIS LOBBY

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