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Can’t Do Pullups (REAL REASON WHY!)

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Increase your pullups and build an athletic body here (specifically your brachioradialis muscle) is required to contribute much more than it is in the chinup. This muscle, if not trained enough, can become your weak link in performing more reps of the pullup exercise. The brachioradialis is most active when the forearm is pronated when the elbow is flexed. If you think of the position of the arm during a pullup you will quickly realize that this is the exact position that you are in. In order to get better at doing pullups you will undoubtedly have to have more strength in your brachioradialis muscle. The best way to do this is with hammer curls, zottman curls, or reverse forearm curls. Each of these flex the elbow with the elbow in either a pronated or neutral position. If you are just starting out and don’t have good strength to do any of these variations however, you can curl the dumbbells up with a supinated grip to maximize the biceps and then rotate to a pronated position and lower (as in the zottman curl). Slowly build up your strength in these forearm exercises and you will find that your pullups will improve. Even if you can’t do one pullup right now, you can start to increase the number that you can do by working on this little worked arm and forearm muscle. The best way to do this is by including movements into your normal biceps or arms workout so you don’t have to do added days or volume. For a complete workout program that tells you exactly how to train like an athlete and overlook nothing in your training, be sure to head to

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