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Do Narcissists Rule Our World? Part I #SurvivorStories

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#SurvivorStories So you’re confused about how come narcissism is an obscure subject covered with so much disinformation by shills? This video is an attempt trying to answer this conundrum. Let’s look at the one percent of diagnosed narcissists in the population and at the one percent that has more than half of the world’s wealth for clues leading for an answer to this conundrum. Help Support the Channel via Patreon – Thank You https://"one man's opinion." The author of this video is in no way offering professional advice or counseling services. Please contact your local authorities if you feel you are in danger. Anything that is said on the videos is opinion, criticism, information or commentary. When making any type of therapeutic decision, it would be wise to contact or consult a professional before making that decision. Due to the nature of this channel’s content, the author prefers to remain anonymous.

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