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How to not let STRESS spend your money with Amy Duong

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Did you know? That our spending habits can be easily influenced by our emotions? This is quite a common case whether you are on holidays and even when you are not. Stress comes in many different forms and can affect a person in various ways. Stress affects every single person. However it how stress is managed in which is most the important factor. Often when we feel the stress levels rising, there is a high chance that a person is not taking care of their health in particular, their Digestive System properly. Hence this causes sensitivity to the body to feel the stress even more and to allow for the stress to have a greater impact on the person's health. Leaving stress not managed properly will over time have a big impact on one's health. Common signs and symptoms will begin to appear as a result. Examples are: * Poor sleep quality * Loss of appetite * Headaches * Aches and Pains of the body * Uncontrollable anger and frustration * Heat signs, redness and heat sensations of the face * Skin problems * Poor quality of bowel movements (#2's) Another very common form of stress we tend to add to our health are our spending habits. While some people have good control over their spending habits, purchasing things they only absolutely need, the other majority are losing control over their spending habits. This in turns causes STRESS as well. Better control over our spending habits means less stress on your health and financial health. This also is a very similar case for when you are travelling! Watch the following video to see some handy tips Amy has to help you keep yourself and your financial health healthy.

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