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Set in the present day, Iska, a student activist, faces the great task of explaining to her widowed mother, Ali, the importance of being socially-aware and politically involved and the necessity of serving the people despite the dangers that come with it. In one of her classes, Iska meets Isko, a graduating student who has been recently re-admitted to the university. Like Mama Ali, Isko also has his own hesitations and doubts regarding Iska’s activism in particular, and the student movement in general. Their story takes a new turn when they meet Peggy, a BS Agriculture student, who then invites them to integrate in a peasant community. There they meet Tao, the peasant leader of the community, and a full-time activist named Oble, who turns out to be Iska’s ex-girlfriend. Having been immersed, Isko then becomes more resolved regarding his previous contradictions. While at the community, Isko, Iska and Peggy learn that Tao’s family has been massacred by paramilitary groups sent by the landgrabbers who want to convert their land to a resort. When things start to get clearer for Isko, the stakes get higher for Iska. It is now up to the both of them to overcome their own internal contradictions and accept the challenge to dedicate their life to the masses. Isko’t Iska is an annual theater production headed by Umalohokan, Inc., a UPLB socio-cultural organization, copresented by the UPLB University Student Council and the UPLB Writers' Club. Isko’t Iska features a student ensemble that continuously fights for the right of the masses. By utilizing the diverse aspects of art, the play delivers a great way to increase awareness of the issues inside and outside the university. Isko’t Iska shows the condition and the issues of the University of the Philippines (UP) system as well as that of the whole nation. The play, aside from portraying social issues and educating the Filipino youth, mirrors the lives of different UP students (commonly known as Isko/Iska) Video Coverage by: Adonis Alvarez, Tin Rizardo, Stephan Pablo, Carla Delgado

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