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Ant & Dec - I wanna grow old with you

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ANOTHER Fan video. I hope everyone has got a person in their lifes who you want to grow old with. If you like you can tell me about it in the comments. If you don't have one, I hope you soon will find someone, and even though I don't know you, I love you the way you are and you are perfect! X Also if you want, tell me in the comments where you are from. to be honest I don't have to say much to this video, just the usual stuff: If you liked it you already know what to do, if not I'll help you really quick: like, comment, and share and if you're happy with my channel please subscribe. Another quick tip: turn on the notifications so you won't miss any new videos....thanks ! Also if you are a Fan of Ant & Dec you should go check out my twitter fan page it's Ant&Dec Screenshots - @AnDScreenshots. If you're not a fan already go check it out anyways you may become a fan because.....uh.....just because they are awesome! If you're wondering what I post there: Updates on new videos, funny pictures, of course Screenshots of Ant and Dec, I think you may knew that from the name.... and MORE. Have fun and I'll see you next time. Oh before I go, just a quick thank you for 1.000 views on the video "Through ups and downs". Stay awesome, Love you all!

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