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Zach King Most Watched Vines April/2017 Updated

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Launching my Soda Jetpack! When parents tell you to clean the room. Teaching my kitten to play the keyboard! #theFriskies Is it okay to Like your own Vine??? My salsa dancing kitten Celebrating National Tortilla Chip Day! #PringlesAirDip Catching yourself from a fall Life isn't always what it seem... Taking souvenirs from France. #zachking When you drop your phone in your Watercolor painting. #totallyrelatable Hitting the #Oscars Red Carpet in style! Not sure if my kittens are cute or naughty....? #thefriskies I have a Pikachu kitty!!!! I love aquarium screensavers. #BendTheRules Hewlett-Packard How mutants clean their room. #Xmen #xvine #daysoffuturepast Where do bunnies come from?? w/ AaronsAnimals When the sky looks Sweet! When mom tells me to put away my laundry... Cardboard invisibility suit Making a hot dog! When ur late to dinner. One of those handy life skills. 💰 Inside every soccer ball When you have too much Halloween candy... 🎃 Waking up on the #Oscars Red Carpet! Stop being a couch potato with RhettandLink Saving lives at the pool The Money Mirror How to Hitchhike 👍 Flight test one! #DoNotTryatHome #BuildaBlimp Facing my fear of Vacuums! Photobombing in Real Life w/ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis When your friends eat like slobs #PetPeeve How to print your pets! Don't let the bad comments rip you to pieces! Have a happy Halloween! I did the #ALSIceBucketChallenge The floating hat!! #ZachKing If you save enough money..🐷💲 How to get the most Bang for your Buck 💰 This is how I use my Intel tablet to beat traffic to #GoFaster Waking up Ryan Seacrest from a nap. 😴 The Wiggle Worm! #wigglewigglewiggle If I was Wolverine... Rolling out of bed in the morning... The Gummy dance party! Having fun on the job. Emoji Explosion Don't be that guy.... Cannonball into my pool!! #iCameinlikeaCannonBall When you need a quick snack... Scaring people to death. Too much Helium? 🎈 Almost spilling Coffee on my Computer! #ZachKing The Great Mousetrap Rescue 🐭 How to win water balloon fights!! I always double check before I do my laundry. ✅ Skateboard safety! Slip and slide = teleporting My cardboard wings finally worked! ✈️ Teaching this cat to play chess When my friends call "shotgun" Why I am scared of making my bed. When I can't afford a cab. #ridingdirty Pillow fight!!!!! Vine your #pillowfight and tag me. I love Easter Candy! May the Fourth be with you, young Jedi kittens. #maythe4thbewithyou #starwars DIY Flying Why I never turn in my homework on time. Snacking in Greece Homemade Super Strength! Have a #Fantastic4th Hanging out at Jesuit high school! Attempting to play fútbol in Chile! Why I'm afraid of cracking open eggs! #ZachKing Back to school like... When life gives you lemons.... 🍋 An apple a day keeps the doctor away! 🍎 With Megan iPhone Street Magic w/ Pagekennedy When my parents ask me to take out the trash. #chores Are you wearing green for St. Patricks Day? How I fold my laundry. When you win at solitaire ♣️♦️ Teleporting magic at Tedx Portland! How to get rid of a brain freeze Why I don't take my shirt off. #ZachKing This is how I make popcorn! #ZachKing When I bring home da bacon! Trying to Catch a Taxi in New York Copy and pasting Money! 💵💰 #ZachKing I have a pizza printer 🍕that turns the 2D into 3D! #braingames A Weird Error with my Phone! #ZachKing It's freezing in Finland! Where should I travel to next? Tell me in a video and tag #ZachKing Jumping through fences at Warner Bros Studio. Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres for having me on the show today! #Ellenboxers Floating Cup magic for Ellen DeGeneres #WarnerBrothers It's popcorn time! Thanks to Regal Cinemas for sending me #allthatpopcorn Is this stealing? How To take Self Portrait. #ZachKing The Loopy Vine #VineLoop #ZachKing Stealing things from pictures. Do you think Ellen DeGeneres will mind? Don't ya hate the spinny wheel of death! Magazine shopping I want you to meet my twin. #zachking Last minute Christmas prep Thanks a Million!!!!!!!!!! Computer Magic! #christmasmagic Me in my high school days! #MagicinClass When you drop your phone... #PhoneFreeze Help me carve a pumpkin! Twitter in real life. #ZachKing | Meet my bird at Zach King 2 Please don't jump on water beds The sweet kind of sneezes! #ZachKing How to make toilet paper! #ZachKing Spider-Man is in all of us! Getting ready for my morning. #ZachKing #NotDryAtAll Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast! #ZachKing A little Fruity Card Trick! Say hi below and ill try and comment back! Unleashing my inner dog! #woof Baking cookies in 6 seconds! W/ my sister Annie King What color shirt should I wear today? Watch a failed attempt at Zach King 2

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