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Zion Williamson (Mini James) Official Mix™️

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This Mix is about the new phenom Zion Williamson! Thank you all for the support on my latest video and my channel in general. Plz subscribe and share with your friends. SOCIAL MEDIA 👇🏿 IG - @curlyheadtjc and go give @zach_maturo1 a follow! Snapchat - @t_cough23 GO SUB TO BALLISLIFE AND COURTSIDE FILMS!! https://(High) PLEASE READ!!! Ok so Im looking for a new banner aka (Channel Art) for my youtube channel. I am not the best artist so thats why I am making this suggestion. If you can take the time out of your day and send me your best edit of a banner that says Ballilsife National on it, I will shout you and your IG on my next video! Plz send me your art for me. Contact me for banners Email - tchwpo@ Number - 207 - 776 - 2061 Dm me @curlyheadtjc

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