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Lee Roessler Band - Picture Perfect

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Download of this song and video for free: (NCYC). The National Catholic Youth Conference brings together some of the top Catholic talent in the country, but not all of them get an opportunity to play on the main stage in front of 20,000 Catholic young adults. Many participating acts go unnoticed. To help with exposure to a larger audience, NCYC Unplugged was born, created by Rob Kaczmark of Spirit Juice Studios, Inc. NCYC Unplugged gives several Catholic artists an opportunity to show off their talent through impromptu concerts that occur throughout NCYC. This intimate experience allows the artist to truly connect with the fan and showcase their talent. Back in 2007, Spirit Juice Studios was in attendance at the NCYC in Columbus, Ohio and were given unprecedented access to several artist performances. We walked away from the event with high-quality audio recordings, which have subsequently been professionally mixed and mastered for the optimal audio experience. NCYC Unplugged

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