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TRT World - World in Two Minutes, 2015, November 26, 15:00 GMT

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Downing of jet wasn’t political President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey was following the rules of military engagement when it downed a Russian jet on Tuesday. And that it wasn’t related to Ankara’s political disagreements with Moscow over Syria. Erdogan made the comments after the Turkish military released an audio recording of warnings it said it gave to the pilots of a Russian jet, shortly before shooting it down on Tuesday. The Turkish Air Force radar station can be heard telling the Russian pair to fly south and stay away from Turkey’s border with Syria. Ankara says it warned the jet’s pilots 10 times before it shot the aircraft down. But Moscow has denied this version of events. NATO has confirmed the Russian plane violated Turkish airspace. Deaths in the West Bank Israeli security forces have killed two Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on Thursday. The Palestinian Health Ministry said a young man was shot in the head during fights. In a separate incident, Israeli police shot a man who they say tried to stab an Israeli officer. Since October, 89 Palestinians and 19 Israelis have been killed in Israel and the occupied territories. PM supports air strikes Prime Minister David Cameron says the UK should be launching air strikes against Daesh in Syria. He says the terrorist group poses a threat to his country and that it shouldn’t be ‘subcontracting its security.’ He has called on the parliament to support military action. Pope leads mass in Nairobi The Roman Catholic pope has led a mass at the University of Nairobi. Pope Francis urged Kenyans to ‘support families’ and spoke out against violence. Hashtag Papal Mass has been trending on Twitter since the event. The pontiff will also visit Uganda and the Central African Republic. He’s expected to address the issues of poverty, the environment and interfaith dialogue. Facebook: https://

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