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Yiddish musical @ ZOA House

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My friend Samadar is part of Israel's most prestigious Yiddish theatre company. Tonight I saw my 1st performance of theirs. I know, 'Yiddish theatre,' u might scoff. But besides being very entertained, I also found it quite emotional. Look, I'm *very* American assimilated - 5th generation on my mom's side (Russian & Romanian Jews) and 4th gen on my Dad's side (Italian non-Jews). Nevertheless, I watched these Russian-influenced, Yiddish Vaudevillian Musial numbers, and felt as if I was seeing part of my past. I'm sure my distant relatives enjoyed shows line these. 6 million exterminated Jews did, too. I know I live in Israel, but in some ways i felt even more connected to this old Yiddish art then I do to the modern Hebrew I've immersed myself in. I really got a window to my own history tonight, and it was wonderful.

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