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50 Bucket List Ideas Ep. #1

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Hey!! Welcome to 50 bucket list ideas Episode 1! These videos are to give you ideas to write on your bucket lists, so make sure to have a pen and paper or any electronic device which holds your list. From this list we have crossed out: Skydiving Eat Sannakji Brazilian Wax Skip stones across water Frog Legs Start a slow clap in a crowded place Pizza in NYC Geocatching Cover someone's car with post-it notes Get henna Try sushi Give a heartfelt surprise to someone See snow 100 restaurants Eat Chicken and waffles WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS CROSSED OUT? Comment down below and let us know you've seen this :) SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: https:///kissedbyken/ Instagram: https:///miilkkk Twitter: https:///miilkkk Twitter: https:///KissedByKen

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