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DISNEY REPLACED CLUB PENGUIN WITH THIS CRAP! ( Club Penguin Island)-AwesomeAfrin Hey guys AwesomeAfrin back with another video. This time we're playing Club Penguin Island. And this game sucks. In Club Penguin Island/ CPI you don't have puffles, clothes, minigames like surfing, hydrohopping, card jitsu. It's just a terrible mess. This is the first (probably) video on YouTube ever about Club Penguin Island. As of uploading Club Penguin Island reviews are pretty terrible. Club Penguin Island has got a 2 Star rating (it might change) on Google Play. Club Penguin Island is the game that replaced Disney's original Club Penguin. Okay, I've written Club Penguin Island way too much in this description but.... Club Penguin Island Sucks! ▶️Leave a Like if you enjoyed! ▶️SUBSCRIBE and join #ArmyAwesome - (formerly referred to as Project: Super Secret until November 2016) is a mobile-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was released worldwide on March 29, 2017. It is available in the App Store and Google Play store. The game replaced Club Penguin. Features Clothing Main articles: Clothing Customizer, Blueprint, Fabric, and Decal A key feature in Club Penguin Island is the ability to create custom clothing items using a feature called the Clothing Customizer, using a blueprint as a base and fabrics and/or decals as optional design elements. Penguin Level Main article: Penguin Level Penguin Level is a measurement of player progress that can be earned by completing Adventures and Daily Challenges, mentioned below. Every time a player reaches a new level, they receive a reward in the form of a pack, containing various items and new unlockable material. There are currently up to 12 levels in the game. Adventures Main article: Adventures Mascots offer the player quests to complete, who reward them with coins, XP, and sometimes items upon completion. Currently Aunt Arctic offers 5 adventures and Rockhopper offers 10. A membership is required for all adventures except Aunt Arctic's first, "Ep. 1 - Leaky Landing", which is the introduction to the game. A certain rank is also required for each mascot's adventures: see Aunt Arctic's adventures here and Rockhopper's here. All adventures, except for "Ep. 1 - Leaky Landing", can be replayed after originally completed, but no reward will be given. Daily Challenges Main article: Daily Challenges Daily Challenges are tasks available every 24 hours (refreshing at midnight in PST) that the player can complete to earn coins and XP. There are always four different challenges available each day. There are two types of challenges: 'solo', which can be completed by one player alone, and 'community', which requires actions from other players as well. All four challenges are always available to be completed by members; the amount available to non-members varies each day, but there will always be at least one available. Party Supplies Main article: Party Supplies Party Supplies are consumable items that can be bought at shops by members (either at the Welcome Shop, Disney Shop, Foodtrekker, SS Convenience, or Deep Sea Shop), and can be used, each with varying effects. Gear Main article: Gear Gear is a type of item that members can use to perform various actions. Collectibles Main article: Collectibles Scattered throughout the island are collectible items that can be exchanged for coins at the Beacon Boardwalk. Each collectible has a certain coin exchange rate, location where they are available, amount available per area, and respawn time after collecting. Be sure to Subscribe for more things related to games like Club Penguin/ Club Penguin Island, Roblox, etc! :D YAO!❤❤❤

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