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Hong Kong's Famous Dragon's Back Travel Vlog

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We head out to Shek O on the far eastern side of Hong Kong Island to hike a popular section of the Hong Kong Trail called the Dragon's Back. It's named this because there are many up and downs along this section, but with some really great views of the ocean on both sides. It was a great hike even though it down poured for a good while. We made it down off the Dragon's Back to Big Wave Bay Beach which lived up to it's name. It was a really nice secluded beach with good surf. There was an interesting ancient rock carving here that we were pretty sure was how Steven Spielberg came up for the idea of E.T. After doing a bit more exploring we find the right bus to take us back to Chai Wan were we could catch the subway back to central. We end up back in Lan Kwai Fong climbing the hills in search of some craft beer at The Roundhouse Taproom. It was a great spot to end the day and ease our sore muscles. Camera Canon G7X Sony HDR-AS30V This is an episode in a husband and wife travel vlog. Our travels tend to focus on nature and enjoying the great outdoors. We hope you subscribe and join us on our adventures.

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