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LL Cool J Vs. Canibus - Full Battle [Beef Analysis]

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The beef between LL Cool J and Canibus. LL Cool J "4, 3, 2, 1" fom 1997 introduced two young and hungry rappers by the name of DMX and Canibus into the scene. At the time being on the same track with established veterans made an artists career and this was the biggest break both X and Canibus had. But during the recording of the 4, 3, 2, 1, things didn’t get off on a right track. Canibus original verse made reference to LL’s mic on his arm and asked if he can borrow that. And the LL Cool J & Canibus Beef broke out. Clearly feeling angry, confused, and a bit betrayed, Canibus wanted to go clearly at LL’s head but he also had to remind himself of the possible consequences he can risk by making this move. One of them being that he’s not only going against LL Cool J, He’s also going against a brand of Def Jam and someone with a legendary status. It’s also the fact that he could be blackballed so with all of those factors, Canibus agreed to try to talk to LL on an unauthorized phone conversation to settle the dispute. The conversation itself showcased Canibus showing humility to LL which could further cause more damage to his credibility as an MC. LL would suggest that he and Canibus would squash the issue, do an underground track together showing unity and nobody would ever know who he’s talking about. That never happened. Between being challenged and now with the risk of this phone call being put out there, Canibus felt his back against the wall. During the time, If a self-proclaimed battle MC didn’t respond to another MC, He was looked upon as soft or looked upon as a total coward. Canibus took the gamble and responded to LL’s 4, 3, 2, 1, Verse with possibly one of the most vicious battle tracks of All Time. Canibus fully went into LL’s jugular: Took aim at his credibility as an MC, His contradictions as a so-called role model, How he abandoned his hardcore style, and most notably the line about him having only female Fans. The thing that made this so special were that Canibus not only hit with facts but then add the fact that he featured HeavyWeight Champion Mike Tyson on the track and video made Canibus look more like a serious contender. The buzz and anticipation for his debut album became even higher with the release of 2nd Round KO. Many people at the time thought it was over for LL. 2nd Round Ko pushed LL into a corner to respond. Considering he created this hysteria himself, He had it coming. Even in interviews LL said he wasn’t gonna respond, People should have known he was lying because he released his response to 2nd Round Ko titled The Ripper Strikes Back off the Survival Of the Fittest mixtape. LL’s flow and energy was more magnetic and at the same energetic. He even sounded more ferocious than he has in years. He basically took on all 3 of his combatants (Wyclef, Canibus, and even Mike Tyson) in Break of Dawn Fashion. People may have thought that it was weak but LL had some left in the tank when he delivered such blows to his adversaries. On paper, It looked basic and weak but he made up alot of it with his energy. He did a great job of cleverly flipping some of the lines Canibus threw at him and it also re-juiced LL’s career. Canibus on the other hand suffered a rare sorority of beginners luck as his debut album would be a total disappointment and not what the fans who were served hardcore lyrical acrobats as appetizers ordered. Many of the album’s flaws is due to Wyclef’s ear for production and it didn’t do much to carry Canibus’s style. This literally set Canibus’s career back while LL’s flourished during this moment. While Canibus was licking his wounds and tried to recover from the abomination of his disastrous debut album, LL took the opportunity on his album The G.O.A.T. to put more foot in the young lion’s neck on the track titled Back Where I Belong. The moral of the story is that LL’s ego played a big factor in this beef. He couldn’t handle the fact that a young upstart got the better of him on his own track so he pulled a Industry move and tried to muscle him out. He took advantage of Canibus’s naiveness with the game and used the beef to possibly jump-start his career which was at the time was lagging. #hiphopuniverse #hiphopbeefanalysis Part 2: https://

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