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Tre - Here With Me

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o one to turn to, no one to hold, my body misses your presense Come take full control. come touch my lips, and let my kiss your Finger tips. i wanna feel you inside of me come and explode. i Reminiscene, don't believe i feel like this. boy you got me goin In circles, circles, circles. i'll be damned, cuz i don't Understand, how can you take a peice of my heart. it may sound Crazy but it still amazed me, took me from that very start (hey Now). tha way you hold me, momma never told me, it can be, ohh, So good. i guess some things just wasn't meant to be, be unda, be Understood Chorus I want you here with me. i need you here with me. i love you Endless. baby can't you see? I grab tha telephone, but i won't call. mmm, don't believe it Ain't killin me takin my all. i smell your scent, even though Your not around, without your love somethin steaily puttin me Down. i can't resist. i can't believe i feel like this. there i Go again in those circles, circles. we got along, i shoudn't ah Did you wrong, it didn't have to be this way (have to be this Way). and if you come back to me, i won't have worth one word to Say (hey now). hey now, i'm in tha mood for you and only you, i Swear that my love is true. ooh, and if ya don't give me another Chance, then honey what will i do? Chorus Touch my lips, all inside. callin the hips of a pleasure ride. To ecstacy, oh baby. i want you here with me. i ready, love me Now. come and explode. come and hold me, as i sing this song, i Can do you all night. (love me now, i'm trapped in the heat o

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