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5 Min NES Gameplay reviews #27 Battletoads

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This game is Bad...real bad! =D Rating 10/10 keeping this for sure 1.Is it fun 1/1 2.Does it have good controls 1/1 3.Is the music good .5/.5 4.Does it make me want to play for more then 15 mins 1/1 5.Are the graphics good .5/.5 6.Can you play it without the manual/internet 1/1 7.If it's over an hour long can you save 1/1 8.Does it have cheap A.I or level design 1/1 9.Is it fun to figure out 1/1 10.Is the cover appealing .5/.5 11.Is the game box deceiving or true .5/.5 12. Is it fun for kids/teens .5/.5 13.Is it fun for me now .5/.5 Website and link to where you can buy the manga I've made:

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