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$upergirls- Justin Bieber's story. Episode 61

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"If I tell you this, don't ever mention it to Justin, okay?? Say you promise!" Shari pleaded. "We promise!" Everybody said in unison, then stared attentively at Shari. "Justin... has a condition where, if he's subject to far too much stress or pain, his heart will automatically start slowing down, his mind will slow down too, and his body will sort of shut down and he'll go unconscious, or into a 'standstill' as Justin and I call it. The reason why Jason is so much bigger and taller than Justin is because, when Justin was 15, he went into his first ever standstill and stayed comatose for three years. In those three years, Jason of course grew up, got taller and stronger, but Justin's body didn't really grow... so that's why at 18, he's the same as three years ago..." Shari explained, blushing slightly. "Oh no, that's so sad!!" Gretchen gasped. "After me and Justin confessed that we love each other, it must've been all too much for him, because this is how he's been ever since..." "Shari... I-I'm sorry for being horrible earlier, I had no idea!" Primrose exclaimed, feeling tons of guilt pile upon her. "It's alright... I know I'm not a very good leader, it was unprofessional of me, and I'm really sorry..." Shari looked down at Justin, blaming herself for his standstill inside. "N-no, that's not true! Though, I'm definitely more sophisticated than you... richer, probably even smarter..." Primrose began, admiringly of herself. Shari pouted. "You're... a... dear friend of mine." With that, Primrose blushed slightly and looked down. Shari's eyes widened. "Aww Prim! I love you too!!" She giggled and hugged her. "D-don't call me Prim, I tell ya!" "Anyway... I know it's selfish of me to think about how my own heart is hurting right now... but I want Justin to wake up so badly. I've spent every day with him almost, for so long now... and it's too weird not hearing his voice, or seeing him blush so much like he always does... instead, he's laying here lifeless. Please wake up as soon as you can Justin..." Shari looked down at him through tear reddened eyes, stroking his hair. Jason, listening outside the door, shuddered slightly. These words that Shari had said about Justin, cut through Jason's heart like a knife. He couldn't take it a minute longer. He had to let Shari know how he felt about her. "Um, Shari... can I talk to you alone for a minute? I-it's important..." Jason said softly, looking down at the ground as he walked into the room slowly. There was an eery silence as all of the girls stared over at him. "Sure." With that, Primrose, Gretchen, Cece and Victoria walked out of the room and closed the door behind themselves. "What's wrong, Jason?" Shari quizzed. "I... um..." Jason continued to look downwards, saying hardly anything. He'd been out with other girls before, why couldn't he just be confident like before? Oh that's right... this was Shari he was about to tell this to. Jason turned red slowly, as he found it hard to bring the words to his lips. "Jason, you're blushing..." Shari gasped. "Well, you see, Shar-Shar... I..." Jason blushed more and took both of her hands, holding them to his cheeks. Shari blushed. "Why can't I do it? Why can't it be me? Why is this so damn hard..." Jason cursed under his breath. "I..." Jason said, swallowing hard. "I-I love you. I have ever since the first day I saw you... you're so beautiful, and sweet, adorable, and no matter how many times you yelled at me for sneaking into your bed and hugging you, I still wanted to do it the next night. I should be the one loving you... not Justin, it should be me..." Shari blushed madly, covering her face with her hand. "Let me see your face... I don't want you to hide from me..." Jason said softly, pulling her wrists down gently. "Jason... you're such a lovely, VERY affectionate guy... but... I-" Shari began. "Then no buts... just don't say anything at all..." Jason whispered, putting his arms around her waist and pulling her closer. Shari froze, never having been touched like this before, was worried and didn't know what to do. "J-Jason!" She stuttered, feverishly blushing. "Shh..." He told her quietly, brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear and moving closer to her face. "P-please, don't take my first kiss!" Shari exclaimed, hopping out of his hug. "What?" Jason's eyes widened. "I love Justin! I'm sorry... I love Justin, and I want to kiss him first of all... I'm so sorry, Jason. I can't do this... my heart would break if I did..." Jason's brown eyes filled up as Shari told him all this. He felt like somebody had just cut his heart out. "Why... why? What's so wrong with me? Why does it have to be him! Why can't you love me...?" Jason cried, slumping down and leaning his head into Shari's chest, tears rolling down. Shari's heart beat like a humming bird, as Jason sat there sobbing into her. "Oh, Jason..."

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