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TRT World - World in Two Minutes, 2015, August 19, 09:00 GMT

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Syrian Archaeologist Killed ISIS has reportedly killed the scholar and archeologist Khaled Asaad. He had looked after the Roman ruins in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. The militant group took Asaad hostage after it captured the Unesco World Heritage site earlier this year. Asaad, who was 82, had spent more than 50 years working on Palmyra. He was head of antiquities at the ancient ruins, which are considered one of the most important historic sites in the Middle East. Shrine Reopens After Attack Buddhist monks have led prayers at the reopening of the Erawan shrine that was targeted in a bomb attack. At least 20 people died and many were injured in the attack on Monday. Thai police continue to search for the man they suspect was carrying the bomb. Security footage shows him placing a backpack on the ground and walking away. The Erawan shrine is located in Bangkok’s commercial district and popular among tourists and Buddhists. Migrants Leave Kos The Greek Coast Guard says a passenger ship carrying Syrian migrants has left the island of Kos and is headed for the mainland. Authorities have been struggling to deal with the influx of asylum seekers. Greece has called on other EU members to come up with a plan to share the burden. Last week, 21 thousand asylum seekers arrived in Greece. That is almost HALF the number of migrants who entered the country in ALL of 2014. ‘Viagra’ for Women A p proved The US’ Food And Drug Administration has approved the first drug aimed at increasing women’s sex drives. Researchers estimate that 8.3 percent of American women between the ages of 30 and 70 suffer emotional distress from lack of sexual desire. Unlike male sex-enhancement drugs, this one alters women’s brain chemistry. The drug, Addyi, was rejected by the FDA twice and has been given the strongest warning label available for its side effects. They include nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, fainting and low blood pressure. These side effects have also all been found with Viagra use. The FDA has set up a certification process for doctors and pharmacists to dispense Addyi. Facebook: https://

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