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Harry Potter || I'm ready to die.. (DH2)

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Over 100,000 views... Thank you so much(: Finally!!! A Harry Potter video. Sorry for the bad qaulity of Harry Potter. Okay.. Harry Potter was fricken amazingg!!! I loved EVERY single minute of it, I didnt want it to end. The story was so well put together and Lily/Severus's story was just beautiful. When, Severus died I cried. Knowing that he was good all along. And I really loved Harry Potters Roll, after Neville gave his speech. I was like "OH YEAH VOLDEMORT, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, HAHA". And when Ron/Hermonie kissed, I thought it was the most romantic and perfect kiss ever. And I really liked this one becuase you got alot more Neville. I really like his character for some reason, but my all time favorite character is Hermonie, There was no one better to play Her,then Emma Watson. And I really liked the end, especially when Harry said that Dumbledore and Severus where the greatest professer's ever. It was beautiful.. Sorry this video is major suckish. I always wanted to vid Harry Potter, but never found the time, I was working on this for 2-3 days, on & Off right after I saw Harry Potter. I just never found the time to finish it. Then I was home all day and was like, lets finsih this Harry Potter video. Its not the best, just a bunch of clips and quotes (That I thought were important to HP or Becuase I liked Them). Also, I didnt know what song to do, so I chose this one. Anyways I hope you like it(:. Quotes: Lily: Harry, Momma loves you. Daddy Loves you,Harry be safe. Neville: People Die everyday,Friends,Family. Yeah. We lost Harry tonight. But he's still with us, In here. Harry: I'm ready to die Dumbledore: I expect you now relize that you and Voldemort, have been connected by something other then fate. Since that night in Godric's Hallow, all those years ago Harry: So it's true then sir, a part of him lives within me. Doesnt it? Dumbledore: Indeed! It was just destroyed moments ago, by voldemort himself. You were the horcrux he never ment to make. Harry Severus: You have your mothers eyes. Neville: Fred,Remus,Tonks, all of them,They didnt die in vein. Harry: Albus Severus Potter,You are named after 2 headmasters at Hogwarts, One of them was a Slytherin, and he was the bravest man i've ever known. Song: Shattered Artist: Trading Yesterday Program: Sony Vegas Pro 8 Fandom: Harry Potter

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