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My Top 10 Worst Anime of All times

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Well hello again in another video please understand that this only my opinion you don't have to agree with me 10/I think that anime could have been better and probaly not even worth watching 09/many poeple will hate me for this but I Hated this anime , most of the drama could have been fixed just by reading all the letter at once , I didn't like characters excpet Suwa 08/It just have my least favourite Genre NTR , but White Album 2 is much more better 07/I wonder why they did even put this as an anime it place should have been on hentaihaven , I don't dislike ecchi but the story was so bad and it eve dissapear it at the middle really not worth wasting 36 episode 06/from the first episode I knew that it was going to be a below average anime but the last episode I regret it even watching it So bad 04/Yup the infamous anime , I really hated it As I said before I hate NTR the only good thing about the series is the ending , he really deserve it 04/I don't rememeber much about that anime but I Rememeber that I hated it 03/not really much to say , first episode was promising but it just got worst 02/I read the manga of the first game , I hated it , I saw the anime , I hated it too 01/ I was just like ( Really ? .. Wtf ? ) Check our facebook Page : https://

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