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Gary x Ash-Palletshipping-My Dilemma (male voice)

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YAOI ALERT! Ash realizes over time that he is struggling with himself to either accept or reject his feelings for Gary. He tries to stay away but just cannot seem to escape him, making Gary his dilemma. Ash knows he cannot stand him sometimes but at the same time he loves him deeply. I had alot of fun creating this video, I hope you enjoy! P.S. I changed the voice of Selena Gomez to sound like a man for added effect. I do not own Pokemon, Nintendo, 4Kids Entertainment, Pokemon International, Selena Gomez & The Scene or any of its affiliates! No Copyright Infringement intended. The photos are not mine, I found them online and are merely for fan-based purposes. Thank you for watching! ***DEDICATED TO 2XxPokeShanixX4***

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