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A Man Called Adam - Easter Song

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From acid-jazz collective to mellow Ibizan house masterminds, A Man Called Adam have pursued much the same fusion of gentle jazz/house rhythms with classic pop songwriting despite the progression of stylistic identifiers used to describe their sound. Comprised of Sally Rodgers and Steve Jones, the group have kept a close connection to the dance community, courtesy of their ownership of Other Records, a jazz-house label with releases from Chris Coco, Idjut Boys and Sensory Productions. Originally founded as a jazz band, led by Sally Rodgers, Steve Jones, former members include Paul Daley, who later to formed Leftfield with Neil Barnes. Signed to the pioneering Acid Jazz Records enabled the group to find more gigs, and debut with a pair of singles. These early recordings, A.P.B. and Earthly Powers, reflected more recent influences — namely the acid-house explosion which had rocked British clubs and charts during the late 80s. Winnowed down to a threesome of Rodgers/Jones/Daley, A Man Called Adam signed to Big Life in 1990 and just missed the British Top 40 that year with Barefoot in the Head. After Daley left the fold, Rodgers and Jones followed with their first LP, The Apple. Unhappy with their treatment by Big Life (a sentiment echoed by the Orb at the same time), Rodgers and Jones decided to form their own label, Other Records, with design artist and longtime friend Steve Jaffa Gribbin.

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