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God, Evolution, and Our Place in the Cosmos (MIRROR)

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In case some of you are puzzled as to why I decided to mirror this video, I did so because this is primarily not an atheist channel, but a pro-science and anti-dishonest douchebag channel. As an atheist I obviously disagree with these individuals' belief in a god generally, and in the divinity of Jesus Christ specifically, but, then again, I've yet to meet one person with whom I agree with 100% of the time on absolutely everything. It's not theism, I have a problem with, it's how *some* theists behave based on those beliefs. I've also tried pointing out to creationists in a number of my videos that accepting the beauty and nature of the reality that's been revealed by the scientific method is not incompatible with theism, just with certain specific scriptural claims about the mechanisms of creation. Obviously, coming from an atheist I can imagine that many YECs and IDers will dismiss this kind of appeal to reason out of hand, so here are five theists explaining how this is possible. I think this video is a great contribution to the anti-creationism cause because it clearly demonstrates how one can maintain belief without having to deny reality and some of the greatest accomplishments of the human mind and spirit. I encourage everyone who can mirror this video and spread it around the internet in any way possible. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION All are free to mirror this video. There will be links to direct download soon, as well as links to downloads that split the video into two parts for those with limitations on their upload time. Please check out all these channels, as well as educational resources regarding evolution. "The plaintiffs successfully argued that intelligent design is a form of creationism..."

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