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Chubby belly play & jiggly walk in outgrown dress

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As I broke the 200 lbs and 90kg barriers, my body has become even more chubby, soft, and jiggly. In this extra long video you can watch you can watch me play with my chubby tummy fats and squeeze my chubby love handles before going out. See how my soft body jiggles everywhere when walking the stairs, wearing a bra with minimal support. Watch how my now undersized snake skin dress runs up as I walk around. Even though I am at my heaviest ever, I still love to wear my outgrown snake skin dress. My tummy is so jiggly and bouncy and feels so heavenly. Compared to sucking it in, my tummy pokes out like never before. I love to play with my squishy tummy and love handles. It’s one of the many reasons I have no desire to lose weight. Climbing the stairs takes more effort because I gained so much weight. My thighs have become so fat that the gap between them is gone and they rub against one another. This makes climbing and walking harder. But I love the feeling of my jiggly body when I walk the stairs. My favorite dresses are becoming shorter and tighter. My dress keeps running up when I walk around. In this video I am only wearing a soft and undersized bra providing only the "bare" minimum support for my breasts. Thank you for watching! Enjoy the little extra at the end, it's my favorite part of this video, as if I had a chubby twin sister. Let me know in the little poll at the end which part you liked the most.

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