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Mix - A Man Called Adam 89-94 Showcase (HD)

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ⓞⓢⓕ AMCA You Know the Apple! Mix Do You Know the Apple?* Bread, Love & Dreams (Slam Vocal) Bread, Love & Dreams (Slam Dub) Bread, Love & Dreams (Born Again Instrumental) Barefoot in the Head * Antiworld (An Apple Remix) I Want to Know (Dogs of Peace mix) Lost in the Green Light (Extended mix) Chrono Psionic Interface (the Medici mix) Superman* When You Think About Me* Lost in the Green Light (Extended mix) Porcupine* Chrono Psionic Interface (12” mix) I Want to Know (The ONE mix) Earthly Powers Musica de Amor Ameoba Medieval Estelle Righteous Life* Easter Song Finally got round to mixing this great body of work. I've always loved AMCA and the magnificence of Sally Rogers' voice A Man Called Adam Comprise: Sally Rogers Vocal Steve Jones Keyboards Former members Paul Daley (pre Leftfield) Peter Woolcott (Lancarno) Production Sally Rogers, Steve Jones, Paul Daley, Matt Clarke Mixes indicated* are recordings taken from “The Apple” LP (BLR LP 7) however, most mixes on this mix are 12” remixes taken from that very lovely 1991 album, you can pick it up for no money at all on Discogs AMCA set up “Other” record label in 1993 with Steve 'Jaffa' Gribbin. Other ceased trading in 1999 ⓞⓁⓓⓢⓚⓞⓞⓁⓕⓞⓞⓁmix

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