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Big City; Four Friends; One Life EP26 lolena

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Selena's POV It all makes sense now. My dream may actually come true. Justin wasn't in the room when I had my dream, what if he already ran away and that's why he wasn't there. Is my dream trying to prove something? I needed to think it all through so I decided I should go for a walk. I never told anyone where I was going and just left. I didn't want them following me. Why on earth would Justin leave without saying goodbye, or at least to my face? Instead he just runs away not even facing me. Is he scared he'll hurt me? Well even if it is that he still hurt me. He has tons of friends so I don't even know who to call and ask if he is ok. Plus, his only friends are back in Florida. Where on earth did he find enough money to get a ticket back so early? Everything just doesn't make sense. I was walking by a nice looking park. Nobody was there because it was still early and most people would be at work. I found my way to the swings and sat down on them swinging back and forth slowly. In my hands I had this necklace Justin gave me when we were little. It said 'My favorite Sister'. I loved it a lot because it fit his personality really well. Instead of getting one that said Sister, he got my favorite like he had more than one. It was started to rain a little and I started walking home, not even caring if I got wet. My life was so screwed up. By the time I got home I was soaking wet. My hair was all straight and my clothes were heavy. I walked right through the front door finding everyone yelling at each other. I ignored them, but they saw me anyway. I really didn't have the patience to handle their fights. What were they fighting about anyway? "Where the hell were you?" Logan asked walking towards me. "I went for a walk to think about some things, and I don't appreciate you cussing and yelling at me." I told him walking past him. "You are soaking wet! You know you can catch a terrible cold." He kept yelling. "I know that, I'm not an idiot!" I yelled right back. Everyone in the room was watching us yell back and forth. I really don't see what his problem was. So I went for a walk and got caught in the rain, oh well. "Maybe you are!" Did he just call me an idiot? Why is he acting like this? "What is your problem? Why are you yelling at me?" I yelled back confused. "Because you aren't thinking! It's dangerous to go out on your own." "Whatever, I don't care." I started walking straight past him. I don't have to just stand there getting yelled at. "Where are you going now?" he asked making me stop. "To my room if that's ok with you!" I gave him attitude and I really don't care. I saw him roll his eyes and I just stared at him in disbelief. He was supposed to be my boyfriend and be kind, but instead he is just yelling at me. I heard him mumble something that sounded like I don't care anymore. Which made me a little hurt and sad. Does he not care anymore? About anything we have. I said something that made him stare at me for a second. "I hate you." I told him turning around and heading up the stairs. I wanted to cry so badly. I lost my mom, Justin, and now maybe even Logan. All I had left was my friends and maybe my dad. I plopped on my bed and grabbed my phone calling the one person I needed the most, my dad. I have the best idea ever!! I thought about it last night so just keep reading. The next one will explain a lot!

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