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WRAP Thaksin, protesters pack up, , analyst, adds Democratic Party reax

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SHOTLIST ***TRUE DATE CREATED = 05/04/2006** 1. Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra arrives at Government House, waves to press before going in building 2. Government House 3. Thai flag flying over building 4. Security on lawn 5. Wall surrounding Government House with flags 6. Security looking over wall 7. Protesters under tents on other side of wall 8. Man wheeling cart with protest materials 9. Men loading antenna into truck 10. Men putting boxes in truck 11. Chamlong Srimuang, protest leader having breakfast 12. Close-up shot of Chamlong 13. Protester gets up and walks away 14. Set-up shot of political analyst, Somjai Phagaphasvival 15. SOUNDBITE: (English) Somjai Phagaphasvival, political scientist from Thammasat University: "That is OK, but the problem here is that a lot of people fear that being an MP and also leader of the Thai Rak Thai (Thaksin''s party), he will in fact be like a power behind the scenes. So, the change is just a change on the surface, not the substance. That can be a problem in the future. But, if the Prime Minister, for example, being really replaced with (someone who has) a full hand in order to control the country and govern the country, that is a different thing." 16. Newsstand 17. Pan across headline on Thaksin stepping down 18. Close-up picture of Thaksin 19. Various of newspaper headlines 20. SOUNDBITE: (Thai) No NAME GIVEN, Vox pop: "It''s like he doesn''t have sincerity for people. If he''s really sincere he should really resign and not even be caretaker Prime Minister. And not accept any positions (in the government)." 21. SOUNDBITE: (Thai) No NAME GIVEN, Vox pop: "In fact I love Thaksin and feel sorry (that he resigned). But I''m glad that the trouble is ended on both sides. I mean we don''t have to have bloodshed." 22. Exterior Democratic Party headquarters 23. Sign for party 24. SOUNDBITE (Thai) Suthep Teugsuban, Democrat Party Secretary-General: "It''s good news. The opposition had proposed this (option) to begin with, but Thaksin ignored it at the time. Now he has changed his attitude, then we will have to see what we can do to cooperate." 25. Party member walks into building 26. Woman putting new party emblem in window 27. Shrubbery being brought to headquarters 28. Shrubbery being unloaded from truck STORYLINE: Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra convened a cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning, one day after announcing he would not be Prime Minister once a new government is seated. The announcement appears to end weeks of political wrangling with critics calling for his resignation. His decision to leave his post, possibly as early as in three weeks time, came after meeting with the King in Hua Hin on Tuesday afternoon. It is unclear what role the King might have had in Thaksin''s decision. Another factor could be the ten million people who voted ''No Candidate'' in Sunday''s election. That was basically a ''No Thaksin'' vote, as the main opposition parties did not field candidates in protest of what they see as Thaksin''s abuse of power. For the hundreds of demonstrators who spent weeks camped outside Government House, hoping to convince Thaksin to leave, there was some satisfaction. There also remained deep suspicion that Thaksin would try and manipulate the next government. The protesters could be seen packing up, as they fulfilled their promise to end their protests if Thaksin were to step aside. Tents were packed away, debris was swept up and bumper stickers with the slogan "Thaksin Get Out!'''' were scraped off nearby walls. One last mass rally is planned for Friday, with demonstrators then set to hold their fire until the next government is chosen to see if Thaksin keeps his side of the bargain. You can license this story through AP Archive:

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