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● Elena, Jeremy, Alaric | Holding on & Letting go

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PLEASE READ AND WATCH IN HD :) Hi this is my new video and it's about Elena, alaric and jeremy on the season 3 of tvd...i love them, they are a family and i hope i'm better than the last time :) ► fandom : the vampire diaries ► characters : Elena, Jeremy Gilbert, Alaric Saltzman ► song : pm me ► program : sony vegas pro 10 ► coloring : mystictutorial with some changes ► Dedicated to DdesiredxWishes Hun...you are amazing ! You're just a lovely girl and an awesome vidder !!!! you're alaric&elena video inspired me so much !! I can't made you a gift for your birthday but now i can !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! xDDD i hope you like it :) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY I do not make any profits from it either, making this video legal to post under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976

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