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10 Things Parents Should Never Do for Their Kids

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10 things that we should never do for our children. Sometimes parents help their children too much: take these things into account, and your children will thank you. I know it’s hard to step back and let your children do things for themselves because your parental instinct just wants to coddle them as long as you can. But are you doing more harm than good?.. TIMESTAMPS Don't talk for them. 0:28 Don't try to be their best buddy. 1:24 Understand wants versus needs. 2:24 Don't help them too much. 3:23 Respect their tastes. 4:20 Don't count their money. 4:58 Don’t force hobbies or extracurriculars onto them. 5:52 Don't take their successes as your own. 6:50 Don't choose their presents. 7:37 Don't intrude into their personal lives. 8:27 SUMMARY - You can give a hint to the kid about what to say or encourage them if they’re being shy. - Parents should let their kids look for their own friends in their own age group. Mom and Dad are there for the times when their children need love, support, and guidance. - Parents should understand the needs and wishes of their children by putting themselves in their kid's shoes. Maybe your daughter wants the Barbie Pet Vet Playset because she dreams of becoming a veterinarian. - Save yourself the headache later on, and let your kids do as much as possible themselves. Of course, they won’t get it perfect, it’s okay! At least they tried, and they’re learning. - Forcing your own tastes on your child will just result it a complete backlash where the kid does or likes anything as long as it’s the complete opposite of their parents. - Parents are worried that their kids are blowing money on useless things or even drugs or alcohol. In this case, you need to teach your children to spend money cleverly, to be financially responsible. - Not to become a pushy dictator forcing your dreams on your young ones, be patient, and watch your kids carefully. Notice their interests and inclinations. Ask them what they like, and then let them develop in this field. - Remember to be happy for your children's successes, but don't confuse them with your own. - It might be not always possible to let children pick, but giving them a chance when possible develops a crucial skill: the ability to choose, to make decisions, and to face the consequences. - Let your kids have their own private space. Don't ask too many questions if you can see that they don't want to share the details. And, of course, don't ever secretly read your children's texts or snoop through their personal things. Do you agree with these recommendations? If you have your own ideas on the matter, don't hesitate to tell us in the comments below. Music: Above and Beyond - Silent Partner For Mimi - Twin Musicom Hitting the Streets - JR Tundra licensed under a Creative Commons license (https:///licenses/by/3.0/) Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://

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