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Whole Food Plant Based Vegan Grocery Haul

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Several of my viewers have suggested I do a show on a grocery haul so I finally recorded one to share with all of you. This haul will last our family of four between one and two weeks. There are a few things that I order online like cashews and dates because I can buy them cheaper in bulk so they are not included in this show. My grocery store of choice in the Southeast is Kroger. They have the best prices by far and carry almost all of the items that our family eats. They also have a very impressive organic produce section that is very affordable! Many of the items I show on this episode happen to be organic but if you are on a tighter budget I would just try to focus on the dirty dozen produce list and buy those items organic. Hope this helps those of you out there that struggle with what to buy when you become a plant based eater. There are of course shows to guide you on how to use these grocery items. Hummus, Sabzi soup, carrot dogs and "frosty" are just a few of the recipes that use the ingredients in this grocery haul. For more information about Plant Based Living and recipes visit our website: https:///

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