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True scary stories Don't sleep! 3 Short Scary Stories Vol: 1 | Midnight Fears

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brings you 3 terrifyingly true scary stories that will keep you up at night! These short scary stories are from regular people. If you like to be scared and want to hear real stories from real people, watch this video. Enjoy and sleep well. Haunted House Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat at . All other images are in the public domain and have no known copyright restrictions. My House alot of paranormal stuff has happened to me in my life but this is the worst here it goes. I was home alone in the middle of the night like 3 o’clock. I was on my computer and i heard some wierd noises. i didn’t think much about them but then i started hearing more wierd noises and then i took my headphones off and decided to listen. My room door was closed and i placed my ear against the door and i heard fast and loud steps coming toward my door and i jumped in my bed i was very scared. about 10 minutes later i decided to investigate and i opened my door and searched my whole house, there was no one. after sitting back on my computer for little while again i heard loud knocking on my front door and then someone trying the door link to get in. i was scared because no one was supposed to come home at this time. i put on the lights that were in front of my house and looked through the window but no one was there. at this point i was freaking out and decided to go to my room and lock the door and make sure the curtains were down and listened to loud music. nohting else happened that night but i could not sleep. next day i called my mother and say what happened to me at night, she just laughed at me and said that im crazy. The Doll When I was about 9 or 10 I had a row of porcelain dolls I top of a bookshelf in my room. There must of been about 10-12 dolls but one stood out from all of them, my grandma had bought me it but she never told me where from and still won’t. It had curly hair, was in a fairy costume and, of course, played music. You had to wind it up to make the music play and it would play a tune from swan lake or something. It would occasionally play music in the middle of the night and I, as a child, took no notice of the music and thought it probably still had juice in it from winding it up earlier. That was until it started playing more frequently and I started having reoccurring bad dreams about the doll where it would be watching me and when I woke up its beady eyes where watching me. This is where it started to get really freaky. My cousin was staying over one night and she kept muttering the eyes the eyes in her sleep. The music started playing and I glanced up at the doll who again looked to be staring at us but the music was playing slower then usual. Now believe me or not I don’t care but it is the truth. My cousin started gasping for air thrashing about violently. I tried to scream but no noise escaped my mouth the dolls music seemed to be the only noise playing slowly and loudly until it stopped completely. My cousin sat up shaking and catching her breath. “Help me…” She muttered. I touched her and tried to reassure by telling her about the doll. She just stared at the bookshelf. I got up and opened my window, hands trembling and threw the doll out causing her foot to break of. My cousin refuses to ever come in my room and the doll is in a plastic bag tied tightly with the others. I never told anyone about the doll. 3 true scary stories that are real! For more short scary stories visit . True scary stories that will make you cringe and keep you up at night. From deep web horror to creepy Craigslist tales, paranormal experiences, Reddit and stalker stories. Midnight Fears features all forms of terror for your late night pleasure. Don't watch alone in the dark and remember to sleep well... Visit us on the web at

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