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Summertime Sadness VFK Music Video

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*VFKF CONTEST ENTRY* I do not own the music nor VFK. If by any chance you don't understand the storyline from watching the video, or you would wish to know more continue reading. In the music video by Lana Del Ray her (Sister?) dies leaving Lana obviously upset. Which results in Lana "jumping" off either a cliff or? bridge. In my VFK music video I attempt to recreate the video but with my own twist to make it easier to understand. First Evaline_Evermore/Scintillating (Both titles are the same person) "jumps" off of a bridge due to depression not revealed in the video. You can see Imazing, her best friend, pretty much telling her goodbye. After this, pictures of their time spent together as best friends go by to show how close they were. This ultimately leads Imazing to her "jumping" off the bridge as well. Resulting in more flashbacks and in the end.. A summery of them both jumping. This video in no way supports suicide, but supports the power of friendship. I hope you enjoyed (:

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