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Wrong pocket TM36: Steal other Trainer's Pokémon (Pokémon Gold/Silver; uncommentated)

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Read description for more information: Commentated version: https://(in Crystal) and TM25 (in Gold/Silver) for arbitrary code. Luckytyphlosion documented that a bad pocket TM36 will throw a Poké Ball to catch the last enemy Pokémon in memory. This allows you to catch other Trainer's Pokémon, and in this video we use a Smeargle that sets up Spore and Selfdestructs against Will's Xatu and Trainer House Trainer Cal's Meganium to catch them. You apparently have a "1/256 chance of catching the Pokémon if it has no status condition or an 11/256 chance of catching the Pokémon if it has the Freeze/Sleep status" due to the catch rate being interpreted as 0. I don't currently know if reducing the opponent's HP actually helps. Fortunately, the quantity of the TM36 is never reduced and if the Pokémon breaks out you can simply use TM36 again to have another attempt at catching it. This Pokémon may be given a glitched nickname but in actuality it will have its species name if you decide not to give it a nickname. It may also be given randomly generated stats. You can use TM36 again after catching the Pokémon to capture the same Pokémon but possibly with different stats. After catching the Pokémon you may be stuck in an area of the overworld full of trees, so it is best to do this in a place you can Fly or Teleport away from and use one of those field moves. Getting bad pocket TM36 in balls slot 1: The easiest way to do this is with Coin Case arbitrary code execution. In this video, I decided to do it with box names for a change because the only requirements you need are a low level slide Pokémon in slot 3, Quagsire holding TM02 with Return as move 1 in slot 4, Bellsprout registered in the Pokédex, Coin Case, and box names that you can easily change using a PC. Steps: 1) Prepare your slide Pokémon in slot 3 and Quagsire holding TM02 (can be bought from Goldenrod Department Store) with Return (available via TM27 from Goldenrod Department Store by showing a Pokémon with high happiness on Sundays) as the first move in slot 4. The slide Pokémon (any low level Pokémon preferably from Route 29) may be 'good' or 'bad' (e.g. its DVs may represent bad assembly code which freezes the game). If the game freezes you may need to try the trick again with another). 2) Name your boxes the following: Box 1: Ap'va'vZ'v- Box 2: é7(female symbol)p'v7'v'd Box 3: é-2péD9'l Box 4: 'l5555555 Box 5: A'lx'd (A self-modifying code that adds an inc sp to itself; see ) 3) Make a specific movement such as either four steps right (below the first tree) after walking out of Elm's lab or four steps right (below the second tree) after walking out of Cherrygrove City's Poké Mart. 4) Listen to Bellsprout's cry, change item pockets and view the Coin Case. The first balls item should now be a TM36; allowing us to exploit the glitch effect. To avoid a freeze, we 'fixed' the stack (using pop de, pop de, inc sp and pop de) and set HRAM address ff83 to 0. There is a bad side effect of the start menu being slowed down to an extreme, but this can be fixed by saving and resetting. If you hold down A and mash down you can slowly move the cursor to save and mash A to save the game If you want to get TM36 with an item set up (without the bad side effect), you can try Crystal_'s "Turn Coin Case into a memory editor" method which needs a Quagsire holding a Protein and specific box items (see https://). 5) To use TM36, encounter an enemy Pokémon first, and preferably put it to sleep or freeze it. My new microphone has arrived today, so I'm going to have a go at commentating this video later.

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