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WHY I DON'T SHOWER... 🙈 #smelly&proud

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APPLY FOR THE UPCOMING RETREAT: https:///retreat ↠ Mentioned in this video ↞ ◇ C'mon... y'all really thought that I don't focus on my hygiene? Don't be silly... I value ALL dimensions of health. After all... this channel is called Raw Alignment.... aligning the mind, BODY, and soul. It all goes together! Like puzzle pieces! The whole point of this channel is to spread awareness about natural methods of healing and how to balance all parts of our lives... allowing us to reach our optimum level of VITALITY. -- Sending lots of love & showers your way. ;) ◇ Check out my friend Brittany Taylor's channel for some fun natural hygiene videos: https://) ↠ FREE Resources ↞ ✩ FREE MOTIVATIONAL EMAILS: https:/// ✩ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: ) P.S. I love you unconditionally ~ Alyse

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