Dr. David Wood Proves the Resurrection of Christ

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David Wood (Ph.D) presents an excellent case for the historicity of Christ's resurrection from the dead. And these are just a few pieces of evidences - volumes of scholarship have been done on the resurrection! The empty tomb is also very well attested even by the enemies of the disciples. If the disciples stole the body (as the ancient Jews held to) then this would never result in the conversion of Paul (an enemy of the church) and James (the skeptic unbelieving brother of Jesus). And why would the disciples knowingly suffer and die for something they know is a lie? This idea simply cannot account for all the facts. Christianity would have DIED in the 1st century hadn't Jesus rose from the dead! Full debate: (verses)' : "Let Us Make Man" Prove the Trinity?' : (Smith vs. Ritchie)' :

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