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Shadow King - Shadow King 1991 [Full Album]

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Shadow King is a supergroup featuring ex-Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm and ex-Dio (and current Def Leppard) guitarist Vivian Campbell alongside bassist and longtime Gramm collaborator Bruce Turgon and drummer Kevin Valentine. They sounded somewhere between Bad English and Foreigner with a heavier approach at moments thanks to the guitar sound of Vivian Campbell. This is one of the few albums that I love every song on it. Track Listings 1. What Would It Take 00:00 2. Anytime, Anywhere 04:22 3. Once Upon a Time 08:48 4. Don't Even Know I'm Alive 14:13 5. Boy 19:22 6. I Want You 23:28 7. This Heart of Stone 27:58 8. Danger in the Dance of Love 32:35 9. No Man's Land 36:33 10. Russia 40:48 Shadow King Lou Gramm – lead vocals, backing vocals Vivian Campbell – lead guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, backing vocals Bruce Turgon – bass guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals Kevin Valentine – drums, backing vocals

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