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Metamorphosis: Official Trailer 2012

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Chris Swanton's impressive adaptation of Franz Kafka's novella THE METAMORPHOSIS. It is the first full-length English-language feature film based on Kafka's existentialist classic. For more information see: (7 March 2014): In January 2014 the producers released the DVD of the "Academic Edition" of their film version of "Metamorphosis" together with the bonus feature "Behind the Scenes" and the companion "Teacher's Handbook" and "Student's Textbook". The special edit of the film and the accompanying books are designed to be used in an educational environment to promote analysis and understanding of Franz Kafka's iconic novella. Says director Chris Swanton: "These are an essential tool for anyone teaching or studying "The Metamorphosis"." The items can be purchased separately and are available through the producers' website: "Kafka Metamorphosis academic edition".

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