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Aisha Sal Diri - Trust In Me

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Moving in circles like a ring of smoke Gritting the truth between my teeth just like a centerfold They're saying they're the truth and Im the joke Its like Im already dead Moving from day to day, reality replay Lungs made of lead They say it's all in my head If only they would listen to me, they would understand my side But I'm tripping off it anyway, still tripping of it anyway Im backpedalling through everything Calling out, shaking in a lucid dream Im facedown on the pavement It's sweet sugar I can taste it My ankles tied to bricks, I'm inching in by will Take so much pride in your tricks Pretentious with all your skill Open up the palms of your disguised hands Show me a world that I'd like to live in You whisper softly to me about how I should sign the deed, and I'll get what I need Trust in me Tell me you validate my burdens and know just how to burry them Then you'll win You tell me I'll never have it without this, I'll never really live You're so convincing, and you've been saying I'll never make it out alive, these four walls I will never leave if you don't trust in me

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