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We will all be ok a Justin Bieber love story ep 41

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Next day at California. They are at the hotel room. Justin and Taylor in one room. Taylor:*wakes uo and sees Justin staring at her* Ahhh* falls out of bed* ouchhh! Justin:*goes over to the side shes on* Good morning to you to. Taylor: Justin dont scare me like that again. Justin:*laughs* sorry *helps her up* Soo what time do you have to be downstairs? Taylor: 2. WHat time is it now? Justin: its only 9. Taylor: Ohhh*brethes out like shes stressed and sits down* Justin:*sits behind her on the bed and masages her back* You will be fine you can do it. Taylor: But im scared. Justin: Just hit it like you did at the tournament. Taylor: I was soo scared that i would get hit like last time when i wat batting. Justin: I think you can do this again. Ur an amazing softball player. I think your gonna go far in your life. Taylor:*looks at Jusitn* What? How?? Justin: Well your famous, ur an amazing softball player and you got to Nationals and if you win this you guys will be in a record book. And who knows what else. Taylor: Aww thanks Justin. Yeah my coach said if we win. We will all like have a big party and get awards and stuff. All of us gets a diffrent. Alot of people will be comming it will sorta be like a big graduation party... but for softball players Justin: yeah now should go get ready cause i will go out side and play with u for a little bit to help you practice. Taylor: Ok*gets clotes and changes in the bathroom in her uniform and comes out* DO i look good?*joking with Justin* Justin: yep you make that uniform look good. Taylor: *laughs* thankss no come on*throws a mit at him* Justin: oww Taylor: Just come on*grabs his hand and leaves*

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