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Fall 2014 Thinspo Quotes- Singing In The Shower

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I do not own the pictures nor the music Edit 10-14-2018: All my other thinspo videos have been privated due to two of them having been taken down for infringement of youtube's guidelines (a third strike would mean my channel getting terminated). I tried to repeal it (because my videos are glorified fitspo so do not support any personal harm) but youtube denied it. I don't want my 9 year old channel to be taken down so all the others are unlisted but on my channel is a playlist through which you can still watch them for now; hopefully people won't try to report those videos too! Good luck on your journeys; (and I'm not going to be making new thinspo videos ) --- It has been awhile! Sorry for the lack of uploads, school happened haha So it's (almost) fall again and in my opinion that's the time to really workout, as the weather isn't good anyways, and you can be entirely different once spring/summer starts again. Goodluck! The songs is Singing in the shower by Becky G

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