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Ness Wadia से शादी करने जा रही थी Preity Zinta, इस कारण अधूरी रह गई Love Story

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Ness Wadia से शादी करने जा रही थी Preity Zinta, इस कारण अधूरी रह गई Love Story Nitya was going to marry Wadia Preity Zinta, for this reason remained unfinished Love Story Babli Girl Preity Zinta is a birthday on January 31. Preeti is now 43 years old. I have been married to say goodbye to Bollywood. It is linked to IPL and with this excuse they are once again seen with X Boyfriend Ness Wadia. In 2004, Businessman Ness Wadia knocked on the heart of Preeti. Ness and Preity looked perfect. Preeti herself was very happy with Ness and she did not even delay in making this relationship. Praty was the star of Bollywood, then the princess of the Ness Raise Wadia family. If both were to be together, then they were seen for others. Together with the parties, spending holidays with each other at all times. Preeti was quite serious about Ness. Despite having lakhs of movies in the movies, he used to take time out for Ness. This fertile lover continued for nearly 5 years. Pretty was so happy with Ness that at times she felt that Preity has got her perfect man and soon she will become the daughter-in-law of the Wadia family. But on April 3, 2009, broke up with Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia. The news of the couple who was about to reach the marriage floor was different from the news of the separation of Bollywood's not only Bollywood fans. After all, both of them separated, neither did anyone disclose this. But there is a variety of stories on the breakup of Preeti and Saif. When this couple was broken in 2009, where did it go that Ness Wadia did not want that Pyaar should work in films after marriage. Before the IPL began, the news of marriage between the two used to come, but since then both of them started looking differently. Even in the IPL, both have not been seen together. Behind this isolation is considered the behavior of Ness. Ness wanted to stop working in films after Preeti's marriage. At first, Preity took the joke, but later when Preeti was convinced that Ness was not kidding, then Preeti was very sad. Preeti did not want to take this relationship forward on any condition, so she was justified to break the relationship. Preeti tried very hard to convince Ness, even though she said that she will do only the selected films but Ness wanted that Pita breaks the relationship with Bollywood and the love and Ness split on this matter. According to media reports, Ness's mother Maureen Wadia also did not like Preeti. Sometimes they did not even say a word about Preeti. Whenever they were questioned about love and ness, they went forward saying no comments. Preity was not accepted in the Wadia family. Because of the meeting, the princess was not very defensive .... However, Preeti had tried very hard to adjust with Ness's family. Many times, for the sake of Pritish Ness, he came to see Polo or Derby in the Royal Look with him.Prithi tried to make her place in Ness's business family but could not make it. Many times it was also said that Ness Wadia had become angry because of the closeness of Preeti's Yuvraj Singh, and then due to this reason the couple got cracked. In 2009, the news of Preity's affair with Yuvraj Singh was also printed in the media and it was believed that Yuvraj had become the reason for distance from Ness Wadia, close to Preeti. Preeti Zinta is married now She is very happy with her American husband Jane Goodnough. Subscribe Us for Latest News & Updates ► https://

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