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TRT World - World in Two Minutes, 2015, August 20, 15:00 GMT

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NKURUNZIZA SWORN IN Pierre Nkurunziza has been sworn in for a controversial third term as president of Burundi. Many people opposed his candidacy and boycotted the election. They said Nkurunziza violated the 2-term limit the current constitution allows. But the constitutional court of Burundi allowed him to run for a third term because it said he’d been appointed, not popularly elected the first time around. The African Union, EU, and US all condemned the elections. They said the elections were neither free nor fair. Since April, over 100 people have died in anti-government protests. And in May, some military officers tried to overthrow Nkurunziza but failed. NEATING 'FAMINE' The UN says that Yemen is near famine as a result of its 5 month long war. A top official says that almost 13 million people don’t have enough food to eat. Aid agencies can’t reach areas most in need because of the violence. The conflict in Yemen began in March when Houthis took the capital of Sanaa, forcing president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and his government to escape to Saudi Arabia. PROTEST AGAINST KILLING of BLACK TEEN Nine people have been arrested for protesting against the death of a black teenager shot by white police officers. St Louis County police say Mansur Ball Bey pointed a gun at officers after he ran out of a house they were searching. The two officers involved are now on administrative leave. Bey was shot ten days after the city marked the first anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown. Last year, a white police officer named Darren Wilson killed the unarmed 18-year old black teen. At this year’s protests, police shot and critically injured a black teenager named Tyrone Harris who they said had a gun. 2 E-CIGARETTES 'SAFE' The UK’s public health body now says that e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer than tobacco cigarettes. Both the use and sale of e-cigarettes is legal in the UK. But the body previously criticised the product as a ‘gateway’ drug. Now, they say like ‘the patch’, e-cigarettes may help people to quit smoking. Facebook: https://

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