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2,7k Dpriest 3vs3 [arena tournament] 80 Wotlk 3.3.5

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Arena-Tournament Wotlk 3.3.5 This is my 2nd movie which includes only 3vs3 as a standard format (MCH - meele/caster/healer) recorded between 2 different seasons: -s8 with 200-220 trinkets (i play as Night Elf); -s8 with 245-280 trinkets (i play as Human). 1.About a non-perfect gameplay: This movie contains mistakes, a lot of mistakes specially when i play as night elf i've to admit there is a lack of fluidity in my moviments, keep in mind that i started to record everything after a break of 3 months each time. 2.Time i had for making this movie: Anyway it is the results of 15 days of recording, due to lack of time i wasn't able to invest too much time for some sick editing and i just had to choose the right music/arenas and to add some text (i had only 2 weeks to do that). 3.About the text: It might be look a bit ignorant but i was surprised how many people don't understand what's going on during an arena or why i decide to take certain decisons so i decided to add a text for a better comprehension. 4.Server where i play:

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