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How To Add A Poll To Your YouTube Video

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How To Add A Poll To YouTube Videos -- David Walsh shows you how to add a Poll or Survey to your YouTube videos to create engagement, be interactive and get answers from your viewers and Subscribers with a new update from YouTube. Share this Video: https://"Do you like this video?". We can have multiple choices. So, you can see we can have up to 5 different poll answers or choices. 2:45 You also have the option to change your text. So you see here that it says "This text will also be used in your card teaser." Now, you can change this by clicking on change. So, we're going to say "I have a quick question for you". 3:00 You have a limited amount of characters, so make sure that you put that in with the right amount of characters in and click on "Create card". Now, we're going to see how this looks. So, if we look here, this is how it looks. So, we can select that or we can select this one or that one there. 3:25 If we go to the video itself, just open this up in a new tab. There is our video. If we click on the icon on the top, we will see, there is our video we can see the percentages of people that have interacted on the video. And we can see the percentages of who selected what. 3:45 To view this inside of YouTube, in the Analytics, we go up to the top right, click on Creators Studio and then click on Analytics. Down on the bottom on the left hand side, you have Cards. That's where we will see any information regarding the videos, etc. 4:05 We don't have anything here because it will take up to 48 hours for any analytics information to come through onto our channel. But you will see here the information from that, how many people will have selected the options, etc., etc. on your card. 4:25 Now another way to view the results of your poll is by going back to your video itself. Go back to Video Manager and then select Cards for your video. We will see here, on the particular poll card, here, that we have poll results. We have this little icon, here, that says Poll Results. When we click on this, it brings up all the results of our poll so far. 4:50 This is far more real time than analytics would bring up but analytics will give you far more data than this will. This will just give you the results. You can see here that we've got one person who's clicked on "It was quite good" and then the others have to be selected, yet. That's a good way to get real time data for your polls. If you haven't done so already, click on the link here and download your free copy of the free 10 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About YouTube Report:

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