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Mario Kart Wii - Change Characters Between WFC/Wiimmfi Races!

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Read description for more details! This video was made on WFC, but it works on Wiimmfi too. Have you ever found yourself in a good room of racers, you're having a great time, you know none of them, but you want to change your character or vehicle to shake things up a bit? Well, if you wanted to do that, you'd originally have to drop from the room to change your character/vehicle combo... and then try to find the room you were in again. Not a good time. So, I present an alternate... This is another development that has been made for CTGP Revolution v1.03. In the CTGP, it's always activated and you can simply just use it. If you want to use it without the CTGP, on regular Mario Kart, you'll need to get the cheat code version of it, which is a bit further down in this here description. Anyways, usage instructions: On any VR screen, you can press the START button or the + button (depending on your controller), and it will make the game call up the character selection screen. You can choose a new racer or vehicle and then get straight back into racing without having to disconnect from the room at all. This feature is exclusive to public rooms only; you can't use it in friend rooms because the VR screen only shows up once. If you press A on the VR screen, you will just progress to the cup/course selection as normal. It works in both Worldwide and CTWW alike, and works remarkably seamlessly considering how tricky it was to find all of the values required to do this and the slightly hacky magic pixie dust way it's all thrown together (the code is ugly as sin, but it works, so nobody cares, right?) :P The original idea to do this comes from... well, a lot of people! This seems to be quite the sought after feature. There have been codes made in the past that could change your combo, but you had to assign a button to it and the options were fixed and whatnot... this is a much better way of doing it, as it allows you to pick through the characters again using Nintendo's own menus, and only requires one button; and will be included as standard in the CTGP update. Anyway, this was developed by both me and Chadderz; Chadderz's old menu research proved to be a Godsend, and he pointed me in the basic right direction two days back (he indicated how I could get the character menu to load into RAM considering it isn't usually there during races, at all) and then yesterday and today I managed to work out all I needed to make it manifest and successfully get into a race while changing characters, not crashing, etc, etc. The result is what you see here. Since it is now stable, I can release it in code form for use in WW VS races! It is quite lengthy, so I have put all regions of the code here:

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