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I Won't Say I'm In Love (Cover from Hercules)

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Hi so this is my first music video project I have ever done and it will also be my first video to start off my youtube channel! I hope you enjoy! Thank you for all you people that have helped out during this process! I really couldn't have done this without you! This project was the combination of a lot of very talented people and I look forward to working with all of you again in the future! Event Organizer: Dennis Aditya Fang Cinematographer: Nicholas Pudjarminta Fang Director of Film: Matt Pacia Location and Set: Jeane Auswine Music & Sound Technician: Eric Onder de Linden (PITCHEDsenses) ^ Check out his youtube channel he's got some really great music there, he was the one that created the instrumental tracks and was the one that did the vocal processsing for this project. My lovely Actors and Best Friends Sarah Rahman Andreyka Natalegawa Brian Racela Me Links My previous projects can be seen on my Soundcloud https:///dennis-aditya-pudjarminta Nicholas Pudjarminta Fang

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