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Official Music Video "Superman" by Jimmy Charles

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Now available on iTunes!https://itunes./us/album/superman-single/id917131397 Superman was written to help save and inspire so many that are going through this horrible Disease of all types by stressing the importance of regular checkups and catching the disease early on. So many of us think that we are invincible and Cancer only happens to others but the idea of "No Ones Superman" is that we all need to be aware and be checked regularly even if we feel strong and healthy like Superman! Especially when it comes to prostate cancer because it shows no symptoms till sometimes it is too late. Also, If diagnosed It is important that the patient does not suffer alone knows it is ok to be vocal and ask for help. So many Cancer patients, especially Men with Prostate Cancer suffer in silence! When I was asked to write this song by Zero Cancer I really wanted to feel as closely as possible what it was like to live this story. So we flew Cancer Survivor Phil Shulka in to Nashville and sat in a writers room on music row to help us write the song. Phil mentors Cancer patients using his own experiences to help them through. He sat down and just talked for an hour about everything he has been through and experienced with others. Goose Gossett ( Co-Writer and Producer) and I were taking notes and listening hard to his emotional story. In the end we came out with something truly magical! It soon became Zero Cancers anthem song. They asked me to be the National Ambassador of their organization and I now travel across the country performing at races and singing the song providing hope for thousands of survivors everywhere. I couldn't be prouder of our work and excited to make an impact and fight back against Prostate Cancer and all Cancer!! This song will save lives and we are so proud of its message! Know when you Share this you could Save Someone's Life! So Share away and call your radio stations and request Superman!! The song has so many meanings to me. I have lost family to cancer and decided a long time ago that I would use my platform to fight it! I also lost my father during the vocal recording of the song while in studio. Bless all of you touched by this disease we I hope this song will save lives and provide healing to those who have lost! God Bless! Please join our efforts in putting an End to Cancer! And join me on Social media.

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